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Students, Parents, Family, and Friends,


       I had no idea when I opened the doors to Kathy’s Tumbleweed what an amazing journey it would take me on. I had a dream, a desire, to share my love for dance with others.                           

                                               MY DREAM DID COME TRUE!!

       35 years ago my dream was to open a studio where students could learn *The Love to Dance*. I wanted my studio to be an environment where students felt welcome, comfortable, at home. I wanted them to have fun, make new friends. I wanted students to never feel pressured or judged. I did not want anyone to feel they could not do it or they were not good enough.  I wanted them to learn confidence and learn to be proud of who they were. I wanted everyone to feel special and I wanted to make sure everyone got the opportunity to shine like a star!

       I cannot believe 35 years has past. Time sure fly’s by when you are doing something you love! My life’s journey has had ups and downs over the years, but my studio has always been my rock. It has always been *My Happy Place*. Nothing could ever bring more joy to me than seeing the beautiful smiles on my student’s faces day after day. Watching them grow, being a part of their world. Being able to bring them enjoyment!  I am so lucky to have met so many wonderful people. I love the family that together we have all created. Our TUMBLEWEED FAMILY is a family that compares with no other!


       Thank you for being a part of this very special family. Each and every one of you hold a special spot in my heart. Thank you for all the endless memories you have given me. Thank you for your loyalty, your dedication, your support. Thank you for your kindness, your understanding, your friendship and your love. Thank you for sharing your journey in life with mine.    

        Now as our new Dance Season begins, all of us together will take a curve in our life’s journey as we say goodbye to Kathy’s Tumbleweed, and welcome Kadee’s Tumbleweed. I am very excited to see where our journey will take us now. I see good things ahead! GREAT THINGS!  I know our Tumbleweed family will stay together, and it will continue to grow!

       I want to ensure you now, that as we continue our journey together with Kadee as our new leader, I promise you I will be right there with you. Always remember the doors to my home are always open! You need not be a stranger. If you need a hug, I’m there! If you need an open ear. I’m listening! If you need anything, just ask!   You are and always will be my very special TUMBLEWEED FAMILY! 


I love you all.

Ms. Kathy